40-Day Challenge

This past month and a half I fueled my body with coffee and traditional home cooked Filipino foods – not the cleanest or healthiest foods but at the end of each day I felt whole, happy and nourished. Surrounded by family and loved ones, I was reminded that in many cultures food plays a very significant role in imagery and ritual behavior. Food is a rich resource symbolic for communication, expression, action and love. I was fortunate to have witnessed and be a part of a culture where food is prepared, shared, given and eaten with the simplicity of, Love.

I have been back in Vancouver for a few days now and I am slowly experiencing withdrawal symptoms from caffeine and believe it or not, cravings for vegetables. I never understood when people would say they have a pounding headache and would want a coffee – now I do. My headache lasted two days; I was tempted to have another coffee but instead toughed it out and drank water.

Now that I have settled back in, went grocery shopping and am headache free I decided to challenge myself to adopt a meatless, plant-based whole foods diet for the next 40 days. It is now day three of my challenge and so far so good. I have been fueling my body with lots of whole-grains, vegetables, fruits, water and good quality fats. Stay tuned for my updates, triumphs, failures and meals I prepare. Wish me luck!





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